What is Jujitsu

What is Jujitsu

In short; Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art. The technique is interesting in that instead of using force from within, it turns the opponent’s force against them. It was developed as a way to fight people with weapons while actually using no weapons. The practice is centuries old. In fact, Judo came about as an offshoot of Jujitsu. Today it is a modern sport taught in many schools and in many different forms. There is even an Olympic event in judo which is derived from Jujitsu.

To know what Jujitsu is, one must understand that the original term is Jujutsu, although the term was not coined until the Seventeenth Century. The actual art has been in existence since the mid 1500s. Pinning and joint locking are two very popular moves in the art. Grappling is a major point in Jujitsu. Striking is done, however it is by methods learned from the Chinese and are thrown to an area of the body most heavily injured or impacted. Throwing, immobilizing and pinning are three major goals of the sport.

There are five main sectors to learning Jujitsu. The first art is Blocking, which is used to fend off attacks. The second art is the Fulcrum Throw. The third is the non-Fulcrum Throw, which involves little or no contact with the opponent. The fourth art is the art of Escaping. The fifth art is the art of Striking. Each of these steps, or arts, is crucial in learning what Jujitsu is. Each step builds upon the previous step.

What is Jujitsu? The word “Ju” means to yield or bend. It means to be gentle. It also means to “move out of harm’s way.” It is the concept, where “Justu” is the principle, or the action of Jujitsu. Jujutsu, in Japanese, is a science or an art form. Today there are many forms taught and practiced, even in Western society. Many are true to the letter of Jujitsu, but some are not. All, however, are forms of martial arts.

Like many other Eastern arts, Jujitsu is a discipline. Many people start the lessons when they are very young, and others don’t start until they are older. The key to most martial arts is self discipline, which is good for anyone to learn. It also is a method of self defense, which is important to learn also. Only to participate in the lessons can one truly appreciate what is Jujitsu to the full extent.

What is Jujitsu

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